Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11/2008 Pictures (part two)

If you have some problem loading the page, all the pictures below (along with a few videos no included in this post) are available at:

When I talk about the pictures, the text is referring to the photos below. Not all photos have comments, and some comments apply to a few pictures in a row. You will see quite easily as you continue down the page.

Please feel free to use or pass along these photos. All I ask is that you site me (Andrew Berman) as the photographer, and site the Berman Post website as the source.

My journey was decently long. This photo was taken shortly after I left my apartment (notice the street sign).

Some photos while I walk.

The fountain made for a nice foreground.

As did the fluttering flags.

Fast forward.

The lights were on the roof of the parking garage you see in the picture.

Moving closer.

At just the right angle, the two towers of lights seem to merge into a single pillar.

Right underneath the building holding the lights

Under the building and out the other side.

Merge effect from the other side.

Back to the first side, different angel.

The street light made for a nice touch.

On to "Ground Zero" / "Ground Hero"
I liked the two flags on this guys motorcycle.

Here he is posing with it.


Top of the above tribute, upside down because it was hanging over a bar.

More tributes.

FDNY Ladder 10

Sometimes a picture is just a picture, sometimes its more. These all are in the "more" category, but this begs a bit of explaining. As America remembers 9/11 (Tribute of lights), we stand strong (American flag), rebuilding (construction crane), while putting an end to terrorism world wide (stop sign). Part of the beauty of the "more" is that it can mean different things to different people. Please feel free to comment below on how you feel about any of these images.

Same as above, without the stop sign for those that prefer.

Over looking the pit where the World Trade Towers used to stand.

Looking through a hole.

Looking through a window.

Back to the memorial site.
Life goes on as people set up shop to sell visitors trinkets to remember their visit.

Another shot of the Tribute of lights

Buildings that face the spot where the World Trade Towers used to stand lit up at night.

A slight change in angle gives the picture a much different feel.

Another tribute.

One last Picture.

Dedicated to all those who lost their life that tragic day. You will never be forgotten.

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