Friday, September 26, 2008

Pirates Seize Ship Carrying 33 Russian Designed T-72 Tanks

Somali Pirates seize a ship off the Horn of Africa carrying 33 Russian designed T-72 tanks with spare parts and ammunition. United States ships in the area are reportedly "monitoring the situation" and the Russians have dispatched the missile frigate "Neustrashimy" to the region presumably to hunt down the ship. The seized ship "Faina" was headed to Kenya in a reportedly legal sale from Ukrainia. It is unclear if Ukrainia has dispatched any ships in a recovery attempt as of yet.

It is unknown if the Pirates knew of the cargo on the ship before they attacked, but some doubt it reasoning both that Pirates generally just attack targets of opportunity, and that it would be extremely difficult to sell these tanks.

This attack seems a new high watermark for modern piracy. One that may well be surpassed if countries do not act decisively to curtail these activities.,2933,428582,00.html

"A Russian warship on Friday rushed to intercept a Ukrainian vessel carrying 33 battle tanks and ammunition that was seized by pirates off the Horn of Africa — a bold hijacking that heightened fears about the surging piracy and high-seas terrorism."

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