Monday, April 5, 2010

Steele (R) - 'I Have a Slimmer Margin For Error Because I am Black'

These racial politics are really getting tired. If Steele really did have a 'slimmer margin' for any reason he would be gone already.

Video embedded below.


  1. It's kind of ironic isn't it? The realization of the conservative fear of the un-qualified affirmative action hire.

    He got the job because he is black. Which is also dumb, because the party has made no effort whatsoever to appeal to the interests and concerns of black or minority communities anyway. Judgeing by governor bob mcdonnel of virgina's decision to declare this month "confederate history month" in recognition of traitors who started a war so they could uphold the rights of white men to hold black people in slavery, I wonder why the party makes any pretense at all of trying to represent a plurality of americans.

    Steele is not at all qualified or up to this job. He probably only still has the job because he is black. As a prominent black "liberal" blogger Oliver Willis puts it :" such is the life of the black republican, no one really likes you".

    but no matter the real leadership of the republican party, Karl Rove, are already going around him and setting up republican front groups to raise money around him. Never mind he was elected by the party-republicans don't really care about democracy anyway.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - You think Steele is not qualified, you must be a racist. Oh, sorry, I forgot that you are criticizing a Republican; forget I mentioned the whole 'racist' thing.

    What is kind of Ironic is that the reason Steele still has the job is the reason he thinks he may loose it.

  3. I think Steele is unqualified because of what he does- I'm not sure what kind of paranoid insinuation you are trying to make.

    That would also be ironic if Steele actually thought he has a slimmer margin because of his skin color. He knows that's bull shit though, but it's what right-wing politics is about, social resentments. This one bothers you because it's not a social resentment you share.

  4. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - It was meant to be a slightly humorous criticism of how the left just accuses everyone who disagrees with Obama of being racists. If Obama announced he was thinking of preemptively nuking ourselves and conservative said that was probably not the best idea, someone would accuse them of being a closet KKK member.


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