Monday, April 5, 2010

Can You Spot The Partisan Legislation?

I can...

Picture embedded below.


  1. I don't know what your point is here, at none of those times except the health care reform bill were the parties representing two distinct ideological blocks- today the republican party is now uniformly a hardline right-wing conservative block. the democratic party is more ideologically diverse but not much more, so it has its share of conservatives. Yet to suggest that civil rights and medicare didn't pass before a protracted partisan ideological fight is hog wash- they destroyed the new deal coalition.

    Yet in every instance you show here those who identified as "conservative" voted uniformly the same way- no on civil rights, no on medicare, yes on welfare reform no on heath care. They were saying the same things you do now about how this is a "government takeover" and the end of "free enterprise", all bullshit.

    Unfortunatly since the civil rights bill the Republicans have built there electoral strategy on the backlash to these things- itd why the republican party today is a hardright political party.- The health care bill that they voted against is all republican ideas for health reform, originating in republican think tanks and supported by republican politicians at times when they weren't more worried about politics then people's welfare. I would argue that because it orignates with republicans is why its such a shitty bill.

  2. So as far as I can tell the democrats today are the same (just as conservative) as republicans 10-15 years ago. and the republicans today are... well who really knows.

  3. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - Can you find another example of a hyper-partisan cram down against the will of the majority besides the recent healthcare bill?

  4. well that would make sense, except the Republican party leadership made a conscious effort not to participate in the bill:

    which is ironic because the bill - which the majority did oppose because it wasn't "liberal enough"-is only republican ideas for health care reform

  5. But Mitch McConnel is a vulgar liar, he lies because it enhances himself politically. He lied about health care reform, now he will lie about efforts at financial system reform:


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