Friday, April 2, 2010

Man Deemed to Fat For Prison

Not taking someone to prison because they are to obese is certainly better then missing a hand gun smuggled in to jail in rolls of fat. The man did not get of 'scot-free', he cut a deal to pay a fine. The Prosecutor added that he was already in a cell; his bed ridden body. (via)

"A 43-stone man found guilty of scamming restaurants out of food has escaped a jail term - because he is too fat.

Morbidly obese George Jolicur ordered huge meals and ate most of them before complaining about the products and sending them back. He would then refuse to pay.
He avoided jail because he is so fat the medical costs of imprisoning him would be too great.

He is now bedridden, breaths with the aid of a respirator, and could not even attend court to be sentenced. Prosecutors said it would cost thousands in medical fees just to bring him before a judge.

They offered his lawyers a plea deal that in return for avoiding prison he would plead guilty to five charges.

Lawyers for Jolicur accepted thedeal and he was fined £800.

Prosecutor Kyan Ware said: 'He's got his prison cell. He's not getting out of that bed.'

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