Friday, April 2, 2010

Google Buzz 'Improved Comment Collapsing'

Popular Buzz threads can get a little unwieldy and take over screen real estate. This is not a problem if you are interested in the thread, but if it your buddies or family talking about something that you could no care less about it can be a little annoying. Google is changing up how the threads display to remove that nuisance.

"Here’s the nitty gritty on how it'll work by the end of the day once we finish rolling out these changes:
  • If there are 3 or more previous or new comments, we collapse them into a group.

  • We leave the latest previous comment (from before your last visit) expanded to give you context.

  • We leave the last two new comments (since your last visit) expanded so you can get a taste of the ongoing conversation and decide if you’re interested.

  • If there are enough previous and new comments, we collapse them together into a single line to save space.

  • You'll see the names of some of the people whose comments are collapsed, which can help you decide if you might be interested in diving into the conversation.

These changes will limit how much space any one post can take up in the Buzz tab and prevent the popular posts you’re not interested in from dominating the stream.

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