Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Media Bias Shines Through During Brown's (R) Victory Speech

Did you see Brown's (R) victory speech? How about Coakley's (D) concession speech? The answer depends on which network you were watching. If you were watching Fox News the answer would be a yes to both. If you were watching CNN or MSNBC the answer would be yes to Coakley's and no to Brown's. Well, not the whole thing for Brown; not even half.

"When Martha Coakley (D) took the podium to concede the election, all three channels aired most or all of the eight-minute speech. However, Republican Scott Brown's address was cut short on CNN after just seven minutes. On MSNBC Keith Olbermann cut Brown's mic and instead attacked the Republican candidate, talked about "teabaggers", and ran commercials. CNN only ran 26% of Brown's speech, while MSNBC aired 37%. Fox News Channel carried 100% of both speeches:


Olbermann cut Brown short to take the opportunity to bash someone he truly hates instead; Scott Brown.

Video embedded below.

Just in case you have not gotten enough of Olbermann yet, here he is reasoning that Massachusetts residence are all racists now because the voted for Brown, which is ludicrous by itself but even more so considering that Coakley is not white.

Video embedded below.

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