Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Mention of Hasan Nor Any Islamic Motivation in 86 Page Report of The Attack

In fairness to the authors of this report, it is not entirely clear that Hasan's Muslim faith had anything to do with the reason he went on a shooting spree. After all, he only shouted "Allahu Akbar!" as he was shooting, shared a spiritual adviser with some of The 9/11 hijackers, said 'infidels should have their throats cut', tried to contact Al Qaeda, said "we love death more then you love life", and declared himself a 'Soldier of Allah' on his business card. Wait, that actually is more then enough and only a partial list. If you do not acknowledge the root of the problem or the motivation, how can you hope to prevent repeats. It is not condemning all Muslims as terrorists to acknowledge that Islam was a primary motivation in Hasan's attack. This willful blindness only serves to put everyone in danger.,8599,1954960,00.html

"The U.S. military's just-released report into the Fort Hood shootings spends 86 pages detailing various slipups by Army officers but not once mentions Major Nidal Hasan by name or even discusses whether the killings may have had anything to do with the suspect's view of his Muslim faith. And as Congress opens two days of hearings on Wednesday into the Pentagon probe of the Nov. 5 attack that left 13 dead, lawmakers want explanations for that omission."

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