Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Better Ads in Gmail

Google has updated their ad policy for Gmail messages. Instead of just putting the most relevant ads next to each email, they will use recent emails for ads if the current one does not have any obvious or good ads. The idea is to get a revenue boost, and if they did not think it would work they would not be doing it. The downside of the ad update is that it acts as a reminder that Google scans every email you get (not read by human but scanned by a computer to know which ads to include). It is not something many people are comfortable with, even if they begrudgingly accept it as a consequence of having a free email service. Still, they should avoid 'shoving it in people's faces'. Changing it in secret would not have been a better alternative as it would have made a much bigger story that way when someone figured it out.

Video embedded below.

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