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Obama's State of The Union Address Live Blogging

Here are my 'first brush' thoughts as he is speaking. (live updates) (click refresh for updates)

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Starts out by blaming Bush. No surprise here; also tiring.

He helped 'save the day'; could have been much worse, but is still pretty bad.

People tired of partisanship, pettiness, and shouting.

What the American People deserve is that Democrats and Republicans come together and work out our differences.

The American people are resilient.

Very hopeful of Americans future; never more so that is tonight.

Need a government that matches the American peoples decency.

We all hated the bank bail out (including Obama)
Said he would do what was necessary, not what is popular.
Without it economy would be much worse
Made the bailout more transparent and accountable
Recovered most of the money spent on the banks; most but not all
To get the rest he purposes a fee on the biggest banks
Banks can afford it, just a modest fee.
Pushed better unemployment benefits, made healthcare cheaper, cut taxes
Have not raised income tax at all
Two million Americans owe their job to bailout (construction workers, teachers, cops)
Another 1.5 million more to be added by the end of the year, all thanks to Stimulus
Economists on the left and right say bill helped.
For every success their is also heartbreaking story

Jobs must be our number one focus
Calls for a new jobs bill
Americans businesses are the true engine of job creation.
Government can create the climate for businesses to expand.
Start with small businesses.
Banks are lending again but mostly to big companies.
Take 30 billion from money banks have repaid and give it to small businesses.
New small business tax credit for those that hire or raise wages.
Eliminate all capital gains on small businesses.

New high speed railroad and clean energy, give rebates to energy efficient homes.
Cut tax brakes for companies that ship workers overseas and give them to domestic
House already passed a bill that includes some of these steps.
Calls on Senate to do the same.

Wants a job bill on his desk immediately.

Can not afford another expansion like the one of last decade.

Does not accept second place for the United States of America.

Serious financial reform.
Not interested in punishing banks, just wants to protect economy.
Must guard against recklessness by giving people the information they need.
Can not allow banks to take risks that jeopardize the economy.
Will veto bill unless it contains real reform.

Need to encourage American innovation, especially in energy.
Need more insensitive
Build new nuclear power plants
Open offshore areas for oil and natural gas development
Invest in biofules and Clean coal.
New energy bill to incentives clean energy.
Wants bipartisan bill in Senate
Clean energy economy will lead the world and must be America
(even if you do not believe in global warming)
Must export our goods - double exports over the next two years.
Seek new markets aggressively / must enforce rules
Expand free trade

Create competition between our schools.
Best anti-poverty program is a world class education.
Wants bill to revitalize community colleges.
Increase tax credit.
Students have to pay only 10% of salary on loans
No debt after 20 years or 10 if enter public service.
University's have to cut cost

Expand credit for those that start a nest egg

Still need health insurance reform to relive burden on middle class families
Took on healthcare not for politics but for those hurting.
Micheal Obama tackling childhood obesity
Those that have insurance can keep plan, reduce costs
Bring deficit down by one trillion over two decades.
This is the best approach so far
If you have a better one let him know.
Do not walk away from reform, finish the job for the American people.

Not enough to dig us out of a financial hole by itself.
America had surplus at the beginning of the decade, projected deficit of eight trillion when he took over. Economic downturn added another three trillion before he walked in the door.

Took officer during a crisis, policies to save country cost another trillion. Was the right thing to do. Time for the federal government to tighten belt.
Starting in 2011 spending freeze for three years on discretionary spending (no medicare, social security, medicare or defense), will enforce by veto.
Identified 20 bullion dollars for next year.
Stop tax cuts for those making more then 250k per year.

Costs from before he took office will still need to be dealt with. Calls for bipartisan commission to come up with solutions. Senate blocked bill, so he will issue and executive order to create it.
Restore pay as you go law.
Freeze will not take effect until next year when the economy is stronger.

Face deficit of trust. Must end influence of lobbyist, and make government more transparent. That is what he came to Washington to do.
Time to require lobbyists to disclose contacts, put strict limits on donations.

Supreme Court reversed law that will open floodgates of special interest spending.
American elections should not be bankrolled this way.
Calls for a bill to overturn decision.

Calls on Congress to pass earmark reform; both parties.

Calls on Congress to publish all earmark requests online before the vote.

Did not think the fact of his election would bring post partisanship; are some philosophical differences.
Must stop perpetual campaign, end to zero-sum-gain mentality.
Must stop obstructionism.

If Republicans are going to insist that a super majority to govern is required then responsibility to govern falls on you as well. Do not just say no to everything. Show the American people we can do it together.

Will be addressing House Republicans this weekend. Wants to make it a monthly meeting with both House and Senate.

All of us love this country and are committed to its defense.
Reject false choices and leave behind division; do what it takes to defend out nation.
Made substantial investments in security, filling unacceptable gaps shown by failed Christmas bombing.
Training Afghan security forces so our troops can begin to come home.
Supporting the rights of all Afghans (men and woman).
Confident we will succeed.
Responsibly leaving Iraq to its people; ending the war, combat troops out by August.
Will continue to partner with the people, but the war is ending and all of our troops are coming home.

We have a responsibility to support the troops when they come home.
Largest increase for veterans in decades made last year, improving the VA, making national commitment to support families.

Threat of nuclear weapons.
Seeks a world without nuclear weapons, but will maintain our deterrent.
Wants to secure all nuclear materials within four years.
North Korea and Iran are being isolated. Iran will face growing consequences for developing nuclear weapons.
Engagement for common security.

Our destiny is connected to the rest of the world.
We take these actions because they are right. That is why we are helping rebuild Haiti.
Support human rights around the world. America will always stand on the site of human dignity and freedom.
Our greatest source of strength is our ideals.
Must continue to renew promises of justice and equality.

Calls for repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell (allow gays to serve openly in the military).
End pay discrimination between genders.
Fix broken immigration system.

American values make our country great.
Americans are loosing faith that government and corporations reflect these values
Campaigned on 'Change', Americans are no longer sure we can or he can deliver
Never said it would be easy or he could do it alone.
Refuses to play it safe or point fingers to make it through to the next election.
Instead will do what will make the country better. Only reason we have gotten as far as we have is because generations of Americans have not been afraid to take risks.

Administration has had set backs, some deserved, but nothing compared to the American people.

Fundamental decency lives on.
Refusal to accept failure continues.

Finished a difficult year, new decade is before us.
We do not quit, must carry the dream forward.


New Nuclear Power Plants - great.
Off Shore Drilling - great.
Greater Openness and Transparency - would be great but I am not holding my breath.
Earmark reform - how about just calling for an end to pork barrel earmarking.
New Bank tax - horrible.
New Jobs Bill - just a masked stimulus; could go either way depending on what it does.
New tax cuts - great.
Letting tax cuts expire - horrible.
Ending Don't Ask Don't Tell - as long as the military believes that it will not compromise national security (on unit cohesion; for the rest good).
Spending Freeze Next Year - right idea (cut spending, fiscal responsibility), poor execution.
Continuing to push ObamaCare - bad.
Call for bipartisanship - good, but again I am not holding my breath (though this is not all Obama's fault).
Revitalize infrastructure - good.

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