Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bees Can Recognize a Human Face

You know what this means, killer homing bees. That is right, bees trained to seek out and sting you. As laughable as it may sound, the next time a bee stings some crazy dictator/despot prepare to hear them blame America; or maybe Israel.

"Bees need not recognize human faces when going about their pollination business. Yet scientists have now found that they can train bees to recognize the arrangement of human facial features, by rewarding the classy striped insects with sugar. That could inspire new facial recognition systems, given that bees manage this feat with brains the size of a microdot.
It turns out that bees don't consciously recognize individual people, so much as the relative pattern that makes up a face. Researchers tested this by first training the bees to recognize simple faces made of dots and slashes, and then seeing if the bees could distinguish between two different faces. The bees passed the test.

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