Sunday, January 24, 2010

HP to Bring 3D Printers to The Masses

Affordable 3D printers to may be coming to a store near you soon. That is really all the information that is available with both 'soon' and 'affordable' being up for debate. Taking a total stab in the dark; I would agree with the less then $15k and say within the year for fear of being beaten to the punch by a competitor. It will have to drop significantly below $15k for me to consider purchasing one, but I will hopefully find a way to get my hands on one just to see what it can do.

"3-D printing is finally hitting the mainstream. Hewlett-Packard, maker of many of the ubiquitous inkjet and laser printers adorning office spaces everywhere, plans to broadly market a printer that can turn out three-dimensional models from computer aided design programs. It can be yours at the highly ambiguous price point of somewhere less than $15,000.
HP hasn't mentioned an exact price or precise release date for their commercial 3-D printer line, but Stratasys, the company that will build the printers for HP, released a small, consumer-oriented 3-D desktop printer last year for about $15,000, so it's safe to assume HP will retail its hardware for less.

What's less certain is the quality of the printing.

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  1. Objet 3D Printers consist a family of rapid prototyping machines that allow users (and this is the cool part) within the office environement to transform a CAD image to a 3d model in a matter of minutes. The Alaris30 is the most compact of the products and threatens to be the market leader for 2010


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