Friday, January 29, 2010

Pro-Lifers Outnumber Pro-Choicers 500-to-1 in ... San Francisco!?!

If Pro-Lifers can 'out rally' Pro-Choicers in San Francisco by a margin of 500-to-1, the anti-abortion movement may be much larger and stronger then currently thought. That or liberals have gotten two complacent and this embarrassment will jar them out of it and expect a much better showing next time around.

"Well, considering that San Francisco is the city that regularly votes in overwhelming numbers for Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer, two of the strongest abortion advocates in Congress, and that San Francisco is perceived as being among the most liberal cities in the nation, you would likely anticipate the pro-choice side to vastly outnumber the pro-life side at any rally.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Because when the anti-abortion group Walk for Life staged a march in San Francisco last Saturday, January 23, they turned out an overwhelming and jaw-dropping 40,000 pro-life activists, who were met by a well-advertised counter-protest which managed to draw no more than 80 (that’s eighty, eight-zero) pro-choice advocates. 40,000 vs. 80 is a 500-to-1 pro-life advantage, something that seems inconceivable in the sex-positive liberal stronghold of San Francisco.

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