Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama vs Bush - Reaction to Fort Hood Shooting

This is a comparison of how Obama and G. W. Bush reacted to the Fort Hood shooting.

Obama held a press conference. While there was not much to object about what he said, there was some objection to the fact that it took him two minutes from the time he started talking to mention the attack. Obama even gave a "shout out" to Joe Medicine Crow who he called a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, but Crow did not win that award. It was Obama that had presented him with the Medal of Freedom, not the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Video embedded below.

Bush on the other hand, chose to meet with the victims secretly without cameras. It should be noted that the Bush's 1,600-acre Prairie Chapel Ranch is less than 30 miles from Fort Hood.

There is also an important distinction to be made between the proper respective roll of a former and current president. Obama was right to hold a press conference, and Bush was right to visit with the soldiers secretly. My only qualm was the same as many others, the fact that it took Obama 'to long' to finally talk about the shooting.

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