Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scott Brown

I just want you to know I made my first donation to an out of state candidate not running for POTUS. The special election to fill the vacant US Senate seat from the State of Massachusetts is set for next Tuesday. Scott Brown is running and he is the candidate I sent money too – a small part of the over $1.3 million he raised that day.

If he wins, he will change the entire dynamics of politics as it currently stands. As a member of the Tea Party, as a physician strongly opposed to ObamaCare (however and whatever that is), as an involved American citizen I implore all those who want to effect change and restore hope for America to donate money to his campaign. You can do so here:

David Berman

# # # # #

You can read more about the money bomb David Berman referred to and read how as impressive as that sounded it may have been par for the course with Brown raising a million plus dollars every day that week.

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