Friday, January 15, 2010

Coakley Getting Nervous

Coakley and her supporters appear to be getting nervous from a senate race which in any other political climate would not be close. SEIU is throwing almost $700k to Coakley in the form of an ad buy and someone is paying people to hold signs in support of her. One of Coakley's supporters 'roughed up' a reporter just trying to ask questions, and after the video made the rounds on YouTube and a few media stations issued an apology.

Video embedded below.

Obama has thrown his support behind Coakley, though it is being seen as Obama 'phoning it in'. Brown told Obama to stay out of the race, but I think that may be a mistake. His strongest selling point seems to be his opposition to some of Obama's key policies and his role as the 41st vote to maintain the filibuster. We will not have to wait to much longer to see how this race turns out.

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