Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coakley Can Not Fill a Hall Even With Obama

Obama went to Massachusetts to campaign for Coakley (D), but the combo could not fill the hall. That is not a good sign for the Democrats, nor is dropping a 30 point lead. Brown on the other hand is having spill over problems; people clogging the street because there is not enough room for everyone. In politics, that is one of the few good problems to have.

Video embedded below.

The reported vacancy in the hall during Obama's speech may not have been from a failure to draw a sufficient crowd but from poor planning or a lack of understanding what the capacity was. That seems to be the only way to reconcile both reports unless one source is either mistaken or misinformed.

"Thousands lined up on Huntington Ave. to try and see Obama, but were turned away. 1,500 were allowed into Cabot Auditorium for the rally, and another 2,500 watched on a live feed at the university's student center."
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