Thursday, April 1, 2010

Navy’s New Submarine Escape Trainer

Video embedded below. (via)

"Four Steps to Avoiding a Watery Grave

1. Below the tank, a trainee zips into a buoyancy suit, then clambers up into the escape chamber.

2.Inside, the sailor plugs into an air valve to start inflating the suit while an instructor attaches a safety tether. The trainee then grabs onto handles as the water pours in.

3. Once the compartment is flooded, a hatch is opened overhead. The tether is released, and the buoyancy of the suit carries the sailor to the surface, where additional instructors wait.

4. Upon surfacing, which in a real emergency would be in the middle of the ocean, a raft deploys from a hip pouch on the suit, puffing out like a blowfish. It may be a little undignified, but it beats sitting in a steel casket on the seafloor.


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