Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obama, Bush, And Clinton Join Forces to Help Haiti

Obama, Bush, and Clinton have joined forces to help Haiti recover from the devastating 7.0 earthquake that struck it causing wide spread chaos. Glenn Reynolds points out that there is someone missing. The fear that half a million people may have died has mostly subsided, but the new projected death toll of about 150,000 still makes this event an almost unimaginable tragedy. The situation is so bad that Haitians illegally in this country will not be deported (temporarily). Napolitano granted temporary protection statis which is "granted to foreigners who may not be able to return safely to their country because of a natural disaster, armed conflict or other reasons".

Through all the death, destruction, and chaos, there are still glimmers of hope and triumph such as this little boy being pulled from the rubble alive (picture follows the clip).

Video embedded below.

Redjeson Hausteen

Picture embedded below.

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