Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama to Write The Cover Story For Newsweek

The so called 'main stream media' is not longer just a mouth piece for the Obama administration; now they are literally Obama's mouth. Obama agreed to write the cover story for Newsweek on the 7.0 earthquake that decimated Haiti and has lead to wide spread chaos in the country. I am not privied to an advanced copy, nor am I sure it has been written yet, but good money is on some part of the article praising 'all we are doing to help the poor island nation' or the administrations 'swift response'.

"The Washington Post Co.-owned publication has tapped President Barack Obama to pen a cover story on Haiti for the Jan. 25 issue hitting newsstands on Monday.

Newsweek was readying a story about the Google-China row when the earthquake hit. Editor Jon Meacham scrapped his plans and hit the phones in search of the highest authority he could find to weigh in, according to a person familiar with the matter. He reached David Axelrod, senior adviser to Obama, who asked his boss if he was game.

Getting Obama to write an essay about the Haiti tragedy is a coup for the struggling magazine and aligns squarely with its new strategy.

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