Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Free Palestine" Rally - With an "Interesting Person"

Yesterday I was walking around Union Square Park (NYC) and came across a "Free Palestine" rally. I have seen them a couple of times before, but never really had the desire to go talk to them. It usually the same group. A dozen or so committed people, and as I found out some more coherent then others. There are legitimate arguments for creating a Palestinian state, but a lot of what these people advocate is pure lunacy. First some pictures, then two videos. Trust me, if you have some time you want to watch the videos; they are as sad as they are entertaining. Just to it is clear, not everyone at the rally believes what the person in the video does.

Here is their main "Free Palestine" sign. It tells you that they show up at Union Square Saturdays from 3-5pm.

Here is the most dense cluster at the rally.

This sign shows their open mindedness. Quick side note; when a Palestinian from Jordan stopped by to join the conversation they were only to happy to have him their.

Here is a pull back; as you can see there were only about a dozen strong at their max.

Here is the resident "Interesting Person", but do not take my word for it just watch the videos below.

Here he says that every time an Israeli kills a Palestinian and American should kill a Jew.

In this video he said Israel is the only cause of suicide bombing and the attacks on 9/11 would have been an ok attack as long as it was a strike against capitalism.

The smartest thing he said was at the end of the video when he said he could not speak to the views of the other people at the rally. So, I asked around. Less then half the people I asked, which was a little more than third of the total, believed that Osama bin Laden was behind the attacks.

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