Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama Administration - 'Gitmo Terror Recidivists Rate Bush's Fault'

The Obama administration is blaming the the increase in recidivism rate on Bush. This is being done apparently to deflect criticism of Obama and to block a possible derailment of closing Gitmo. As I already have opined, this does not really effect the closing of Gitmo if the real point is just to move the detainees instead of releasing them.

"That’s the case that was made to me by a senior Obama administration official. He claimed that the administration doesn’t believe that any of the detainees released under Obama have gone into terror-related activity — because the Obama administration has a better screening process in place to determine which detainees pose a threat.

The story in question involves a new and classified Pentagon report that says roughly one-fifth of released detainees are suspected or confirmed to have returned to terrorist activity — up from a lower estimate in April.
The official suggested that the possibility that all the recividists were released under Bush shows that the previous administration didn’t do the work of screening detainees slated for release that the Obama administration is doing.

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