Thursday, February 26, 2009

Senate Voted on The Fairness Doctrine

There were two important votes regarding the Fairness Doctrine in the Senate today. The Senate passed a bill 87-11 that prohibits the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from reinstating the Fairness Doctrine ( No Republican voted against the measure, and Kennedy (D-MA) did not vote ( This is good news, but do not start celebrating just yet.

If the Democrats want to revise the Fairness Doctrine they will do it under a different name and system. That system will most likely be Localism. In that vein, the Democrats passed the Durbin Amendment 57-41 completely along party lines. Republicans all voted against it, Democrats and Independents all voted for it, again with Kennedy (D-MA) not voting ( What does it do; "Durbin Amdt. No. 591; To encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership, and to ensure that the public airwaves are used in the public interest.". This looks like an opening salvo in the battle for Localism to me. More at

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