Friday, March 5, 2010

"Happy Ending" Advertisement?

What do you think this place is advertising? It looks like a neon picture of someone who is giving a face up massage with the recipient's knees bent. Am I missing something obvious or is this really an advertisement for a "Happy Ending". Note that this photo was not taken in a bad area and is highly visible from a well traveled street.

Picture embedded below.

Yes I know the pictures say 2009; saw them at the end of last year, uploaded them, and forgot about it before I posted it.


  1. not at all the least conspicuous happy ending "flag" i've seen.

    theres a ton of them in Westchester

  2. I don't mean to give myself away or anything... hahaha

  3. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - I will resit the urge to crack a few jokes. Have not seen these 'flags' you are referring to; must either have not been in the right areas or just have some sort of 'near home town blindness'. Next time you are in the area snap a few pictures for me. That is, unless you already have them. In that case, post them so I can see what you are talking about.

  4. men have always been going to brothels of some shape or form.

    Most don't have a flag but get known about through word of mouth. Besides any "sauna" where alot of korean women are working, is probably it.

  5. haha and no im not known to snap pictures of the asian massage parlors i patron, so those will have to wait.

  6. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - "any "sauna" where alot of korean women are working, is probably it" ... not even going to touch that one.

    I'll be waiting, you definitely peaked my curiosity.

  7. You have to touch it, its probably getting touched enough


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