Saturday, March 6, 2010

Couple Let Their Real Life Baby Starve to Death While They Raised a Virtual Daughter

This is pretty awful...

"A computer-addicted couple let their real life baby starve to death while they raised a virtual daughter online, police said today.

The couple spent 12 hours a night at internet cafes while their three-month-old daughter was left home alone at their apartment in Suwon, South Korea. They were arrested today.

Police said they had become hooked on living online and were raising an avatar daughter through their profiles on a Second Life-style game called PRIUS.


Father Kim Yoo-chul, 41, and mother Choi Mi-sun, 25, called police when they returned from one overnight, 12-hour session and found their daughter dead.


An autopsy confirmed she died of malnourishment.

Police said the Kims had become so obsessed with the daughter they were raising online that they appeared to have not taken their responsibility to their real daughter seriously.

Via Jammie Wearing Fool who opined "Maybe they can get a virtual death penalty".

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