Friday, March 5, 2010

German Government 'Will Not Give One Cent to Greece'

In the ongoing political and fiscal blow up in the EU over Greece, German MPs called on Greece to sell some of their uninhabited islands and have now commented that they will not give one cent to Greece. The Greek Prime Minister said that they did not want 'one cent', but that might be because they are holding out for a few billion. I would not hold by breath if I was them. Things are not looking good if you hold Greek debt.

"The German government will "not give one cent" to help Greece out of its debt crisis, Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle said on Friday as the two countries' leaders prepared to meet in Berlin.

Greek Prime Minister George "Papandreou said that he didn't want one cent -- in any case the German government will not give one cent," Bruederle said on the sidelines of a meeting with European Union industry commissioner Antonio Tajani.

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