Tuesday, March 2, 2010

British Tea Party Protests

Daniel Hannan was apparently tired of watching Americans have all the fun with the Tea Party Protests and as an already out spoken critic of the out of control spending in his country, decided to launch a British Tea Party. The first one had a modest turnout, but as seemed to be expected given it was held in the heart of the area that would be apposed to it.

Is it even worth pointing out the irony of a British Tea Party given where that term comes from?


"Thanks to everyone who came to the Brighton Tea Party, and apologies to those who couldn’t get it. We opened and filled an adjoining room, but it was still quite a squash. The hotel manager told me afterwards that there had been more than 300 people present, not counting those who had had to be turned away.

If you can run a tea-party in Brighton Pavilion – the constituency which the Greens are most hopeful of winning – you can run one anywhere. You don’t have to be a small-government Conservative to feel that taxation, spending and borrowing are currently too high.

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