Sunday, March 7, 2010

British Furious With US Apparently Siding With Argentina in The Falklands Island Dispute

In current diplomatic dispute over the Falkland Islands the British people were very upset with Obama's indifference as shown by the United States has already refused to recognize British sovereignty over the island. Now that has been exacerbated with the US apparently backing Argentina over England. It is being phrase that the 'special relationship between the United States and England is looking more and more one sided'. It is hard to argue against that.

"Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the Argentinian president, and her husband (and predecessor) Nestor, are known as the Clintons of South America, because of their love of the high life and their Left-leaning agenda. While Mrs Clinton was no doubt made to feel very much at home in such a convivial environment, that does not excuse her support for Mrs Kirchner's suggestion that the Falklands issue be referred to the UN's decolonisation committee.

This might be a legitimate course of action if the overwhelming majority of Falkland Islanders had decided that they no longer wanted to be British. But this is not the case. The inhabitants are immensely proud of their British heritage, and have no desire to become Argentines.

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