Friday, February 26, 2010

British Furious With Obama's Indifference on The Falklands Island Dispute

In the latest diplomatic dispute over the Falkland Islands the United States have refused to recognize British sovereignty. American critics see this as Obama voting present on this issue, but the Brits are mighty pissed off, and understandably so. They are not asking us for troop, just the equivalent of moral support.

"The Falklands War was a perfect example. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan offered Margaret Thatcher his backing in her determination to retake the islands after the Argentine invasion.

Now an Argentine President is once again claiming sovereignty over 'Las Malvinas'.

The U.S. response? That it takes 'no position on the sovereignty claims of either party'. Last night, it was even suggested that this was punishment for a British court releasing details of U.S. torture of a terrorist suspect.

So when British soldiers are dying in Helmand in support of his foreign policy, President Obama 'takes no position' over Britain's right to territory which not only is ours without question, but had to be retaken at a cost of 254 British lives.

This deeply regrettable response leaves us with the question; what is the purpose of a special relationship that seems to involve British sacrifice on one side and American indifference on the other?

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