Sunday, February 28, 2010

Iran Moves Their Nuclear Fuel Topside

Iran has moved a large chunk of their nuclear fuel to the surface, now the question on everyone's mind is why. The simplest is that they have run out of space underground. They may also have come to the realization that being underground is not as much of a defense as they originally believed. Bring the fuel topside is the political equivalent of an 'I dare you to' to anyone thinking of a military strike; meaning mostly to Israel. Of course, it could always be just to 'screw' with the rest of the world. It is hard to tell what is going through the mind of the Iranian leadership.

"When Iran was caught last September building a secret, underground nuclear enrichment plant at a military base near the city of Qum, the country’s leaders insisted they had no other choice. With its nuclear facilities under constant threat of attack, they said, only a fool would leave them out in the open.

So imagine the surprise of international inspectors almost two weeks ago when they watched as Iran moved nearly its entire stockpile of low-enriched nuclear fuel to an above-ground plant. It was as if, one official noted, a bull’s-eye had been painted on it.

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