Thursday, February 25, 2010

Afghan Soldiers And Taliban Taunt Each Other Over The Radio

As any kid who grew up with a walkie-talkie knows, it is all about the frequency. If you are not on the same frequency as your buddy you will not be able to talk to them, and if you share the frequency with other kids you will hear each other. That is what is happening with Afghan soldiers and the Taliban because of their use of antiquated equipment, and they are both using the opportunity to try and convince the other to join their side.

"It's a remarkable combination of psychological warfare, political roundtable and trash-talking. Afghan soldiers and Taliban fighters taunt each other, debate each other and try to persuade each other almost daily over their radios, at times while even shooting at each other.
asked Maj. Said Rahim Hakmal what they talk about. Politics, he said. "The Taliban will say things like why do you side with the Americans? Why do you sell out your country? You love Obama more than Afghanistan."

Hakmal said the standard response goes something like, "The Americans are here to help our country function again. They don't want to stay. They want to help, then leave. You should help, too."

Then the shooting starts.

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