Friday, February 19, 2010

Justice Department Changing Policy on Medical Marijuana Again?

A few months back the Justice Department seemed to give the all clear for states to set their own medical marijuana policy. That may be changing with federal officers arresting a medical marijuana growing operation. While their seems to be a few carve outs here; namely that the feds just do not like people bragging about it or this grower was not just selling for medical uses, the statement appears to preclude that. We will have to wait a bit to see if there are more arrests and raids, or this was a 'one off' from someone who did not get the first memo.

"Federal drug-enforcement agents Friday raided the home of a Highlands Ranch man who a day earlier bragged in a 9News report about the large and profitable medical-marijuana-growing operation in his basement.

Along with the raid, Jeffrey Sweetin, the Drug Enforcement Administration's special agent in charge of the Denver office, sent a message to anyone involved in Colorado's increasingly profitable medical-marijuana industry.

"It's still a violation of federal law," Sweetin said. "It's not medicine. We're still going to continue to investigate and arrest people."

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