Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CountBrown with Keith Olbermann

This is the latest in the back and forth between Olbermann calling the Tea Party Protesters racist asking where are the black faces (ignoring that MSNBC edits them out), and the criticism that MSNBC should look in the mirror. Olbermann responded that there are black people on MSNBC. The criticism in this video is that while there may be black people on MSNBC they are apparently not on Olbermann's show. One black guest has appeared on his show in the last ten episodes. He did appear twice.

Video embedded below.


  1. I'm really enjoying these MSNBC posts-sincerly.

    I only watch fox news when i watch cable news and from time to time on the internet have seen interesting maddow interviews, but if keith olbermann thinks that he's doing so much a better job reflecting the interests and concerns of all americans he has got to be fooling himself to a certain degree.

    MSNBC broadly reflects the concerns of urban rich people in its broadcasting, and more often then not does just as good a job marginilizing public opinion as CNN does (which is just purely a vulgar vehicle for powerful people to pursue public relations strategies). Its not as doctrinaire as FOX so if you watch msnbc from 5 to 10 it all has somepretty loosley aligned ideological outposts who at the end of the day are they themselves also speaking from a position of influence (they have the megafone too) and thus inevitably disregard the interests and concerns of the "they". The way keith olbermann treats the tea bagger movement is a good example of this- focusing on the people in the movement is missing the forest for the trees and is only likely to excaerbate the adoption of etremist ideology. As now their leaders can point at someone like olbermann and say "see, he's not looking out for you, he doesn't understand real americans blabhblahblahblah".

    It's also not nearly as much fun to watch or compelling as fox news either.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - I tend to enjoy these back and forth more then just listening them try to report the news. Especially in the context of these comedy counters.


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