Sunday, February 14, 2010

Airborne Laser Has Been Shelved

The successful Advanced Tactical Laser; successfully tested against a stationary target, moving target, airborne target, missile in flight, and ballistic missile was not enough to keep it off the chopping block.

Video embedded below. (bold mine)

"The MDA at one time had plans to field operational versions of the ABL for boost-phase missile defense, but the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has scaled back the program. Plans now call for using the experimental ABL platform as a test bed for research on directed energy weapons. Depending on available funding, the aircraft may conduct up to two more flight tests this year, MDA Executive Director David Altwegg said Feb. 1. However, Lehner said Feb. 12 that no additional flight tests are currently scheduled. Following the flight test program, management of the ABL will be transferred from MDA to the Office of the Pentagon’s Director of Defense Research and Engineering and the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office, MDA budget documents show. The ABL has a $182.3 million budget for this year, but the MDA did not request any money for the program in 2011."


  1. Obama is a pure traitor to our country,he's a foreign agent.

  2. Who's approving this post Obama's censor goons???

  3. Damn there's a real person who's doing the approving of the Post :)

  4. @Anonymous - New posts have comments that are automatically published, old posts I have set to moderate to make it more difficult for someone to 'attack' the site with spam.

  5. This is our "Ace -in- the Hole"only a traitor would do this or a MOLE !!!

  6. @Anonymous - "This is our "Ace -in- the Hole"only a traitor would do this or a MOLE !!!" ?!?


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