Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Should The European Union be Forced to Have a Joint Olympic Team?

The European Union is supposed to be a single economic sphere and is apparently now a unified political sphere with Greece apparently accepting a blow to their sovereignty. Does that mean that they should be forced to have a joint Olympic Team? I know this may not be as serious as how many votes they should have in the United Nations, but is one of those things to think about. The United States would not be permitted to send athletes for each individual state to compete for the gold; so if the European Union is turning into the United States equivalent for Europe why are their individual 'states' allowed to compete?


  1. The writer who has written the post above is either trying to be deliberately provocative or is an idiot. He or she has an extremely poor understanding of what the EU is. We are not an "United States" of Europe. Nor will we ever be. I can assure you of that. If I was you I would consider reading a little more on the subject before writing such an uninformed piece. So they issue you raise is completely irrelevant.

  2. @Anonymous - What do you call one nation giving up it's sovereignty to a collective of nations? Sounds like the 13 colonies but just in the modern era and in Europe. You may not like it, but that seems to be the direction Europe is headed in if people from those countries do not stop it.

  3. Cheers for the comment. I am from one of those countries and I live here so perhaps I am a little better placed to comment. other major nations may agree to give up their sovereignty but to my knowledge this has not happened nor is it likely too.

    It certainly could not happen in Ireland as we are the only country in europe that has a in built law in our constitution which requires our government to hold a referendum before approving any new laws regarding the european union. After 800 years of fighting for independence over the British it would be laughable to think we would give this up in the future. It simply wouldn't happen. The Lisbon treaty is a perfect example of that. They had to change parts of this after it was rejected by the Irish people and give us speacial dispensations before we approved second time round as a nation by referendum. Nice was the same. Without all nations agreeing to these things nothing can be forced upon any members of the EU.

    We are nothing like the United states nor do we have any desire to be. It simply will never happen. There is too much history here. Leaving Ireland aside,Can you really see the British, Germans, French, Spanish or Italians giving up their sovereinghty. I think not! It's not feasible on any level. So the point of your post is really irrelevant.

    I would suggest you read a little bit on europe from european sources as it seems you may have been listening to the rather unique brand of american news too much. No offense. I cannot speak for other nations but I would put my house on the fact it simply wouldn't happen in Ireland.

  4. @Anonymous - this was not from 'American news' just trying to see how far the unity of the EU extends; or how far people are looking to extend it.


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