Monday, January 4, 2010

A Third Uninvited Guest Was at The White House Dinner?

This third person reportedly did not get within arms reach of the president, but this is just tempting fate. The same way we have gotten lucky that the terrorists that managed to smuggle explosives on a plane were to stupid to set them off properly, the people that snuck into the White House apparently did not intend Obama any harm. Lets not risk the next terrorist is as foolish or the next uninvited guest is similarly dispositioned.

"A third uninvited guest made his way into the White House state dinner for India's prime minister in November, the Secret Service said Monday.

As the Secret Service was reviewing how an attention-hungry couple—Tareq and Michaele Salahi—got into the dinner without being on the guest list, officials discovered that a third person made it through security without an invitation as well. The Secret Service said the man—whom they would not identify—did not get close to the president or the first lady.
The man traveled to the White House from the hotel where the Indian delegation was staying. The Secret Service said the man arrived with members of that delegation. But he was not in the Secret Service's database of people prescreened and approved to attend the event. Part of the security screening is a criminal background check that the Secret Service does before a guest enters the White House. The Salahis and the man traveling with the Indian delegation did not go through that background check.

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