Sunday, January 10, 2010

Obama Grants Interpol Full Diplomatic Immunity And Makes Them no Longer Subject to FOIA Requests

Beyond the concerns of signing away American sovereignty, there is the giant question of 'why'. The best answer I can come up with is as a loophole to his promises on how the fight against terrorism should be fought. He may say that the United States should not wire tap, but if Interpol does it there is nothing we can do about that. After all, they now have full immunity. It is also unlikely we would be able to find out given they are exempt from FOIA requests. By granting Interpol immunity Obama can have it both ways. He can espouse and act one way, while confident the war on terror will be fought the other. Obama can also claim the effectiveness of his policies all the while knowing/assuming that Interpol will act in the way necessary to stop the terrorists. If however Obama's policies are not effective, and Interpol did not get the message and start using their new found immunity to continue what Bush had done, we could be hit by a successful terrorist attack.

"Two weeks ago, without any announcement, debate, discussion or inquiry from journalists charged with “speaking truth to power” President Obama issued an amendment to this EO.  The amendment removed part of Reagan’s order that kept INTERPOL from having full diplomatic immunity while operating within the United States.  In other words:  Under Reagan and right up until two weeks ago, INTERPOL was authorized to operate within the USA but they did not have full diplomatic immunity and had to adhere to certain laws set forth for investigative agencies.  Laws that prohibit authorities from violating our constitutionally protected rights.
One other tasty tidbit:  Due to the amended language created by President Obama, INTERPOL is now, no longer subject to Freedom of Information Act Inquiries.

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