Friday, January 8, 2010

Ford to Sell Tweeting Cars

Reading while driving is dangerous, but if you are someone who needs to be informed real time and can not wait until you stop your vehicle Ford now has a solution. It comes in the form of cars which will read you your tweets and eventually be able to compose and send them for you as well.

"Alan Mulally, Ford’s chief executive, said the company will produce a range of vehicles which can read motorist's twitter messages to them as they drive down the street.

Drivers may even be able to Tweet replies as the cars will feature voice recognition technology. But composing Tweets will not be possible on the first models, due out in the US later this year, because of safety fears.


  1. I attended Mulally's speech and saw the demo: impressive.

  2. I cant wait until my house has voice recognition,and I can just say..."clean"....


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