Thursday, January 14, 2010

'Doomsday Clock' Moved to Six-Minutes-From-Midnight, One Minute Back

The 'Doomsday Clock' has been moved one minute back to six-minutes-from-midnight. The main cited reason was hope that there would be change now that Obama is president. Sound a lot like the flawed logic surrounding Obama being given the Nobel Peace Prize.

You can read the official (PDF Warning) Press Release or Clock Statement.

Video embedded below.

"It was wound on to five minutes to midnight in 2007 to reflect the failure to solve problems posed by nuclear weapons.

Today, the board said they moved it back one minute because there was a 'hopeful state of world affairs' in relation to nuclear weapons and climate change. They singled out President Obama for particular praise.

The decision to move the hand back may come as a surprise to many environmentalists, who criticised last year's Copenhagen Climate Change Conference for failing to reach any real consensus.

However, the BAS board insisted there had been 'signs of collaboration' between the major world players in dealing with nuclear security and climate stabilisation.

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