Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Biden’s Appears in a Hennessy Ad Campaign

Video embedded below.

It is a joke, but it is unclear that Huffington Post or their readers got that.


"Posted by one Nicholas Graham, the story appears in HuffPo's "comedy" news but also on its Joe Biden section. Though the Onion piece itself, which went up yesterday, mocks the man from Scranton's "international playboy status," the HuffPo item observes, with a straight face and not a lick of irony, its resemblance to PETA's Michelle Obama ad and Weatherproof's now notorious Barack Obama billboard in Times Square. It's an instance of news aggregation gone wrong -- or, at least, weird. While we can't be sure how in on the joke HuffPo was, it's clear that not all its readers are, if comments like "THE WORLD IS LOOSING ALL COMMON SENSE AND RESPECT FOR ANYONE" are any indication. The furor and confusion has already spilled to Twitter, where people are anxiously tweeting about the veracity of the campaign."

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