Saturday, November 14, 2009

Evidence of Water From The 'Moon Bombing'

Knock the preliminary off, this is evidence of water from the 'Moon Bombing' which has now officially confirmed the water detected on the moon. Here is the photo of the 'Moon Bombing' which is not much, but is better then the thermal images of the event. Not just water, but significant levels of water.,2933,575012,00.html

"It's official: There's water ice on the moon, and lots of it. When melted, the water could potentially be used to drink or to extract hydrogen for rocket fuel.
Based on the measurements, the team estimated about 100 kilograms of water in the view of their instruments — the equivalent of about a dozen 2-gallon buckets — in the area of the impact crater (about 80 feet, or 20 meters across) and the ejecta blanket (about 60 to 80 meters across), Colaprete said.

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