Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Many People Attended The 9/12 March?

Update (9/14/2009): Berman Post: How Many People Attended The 9/12 March? (Take Two). End of Update:

Numbers vary hugely as to how many people attended the 9/12 march, all the way from thousands to millions. Based on all the estimates I have seen, weighing the sources, and the videos/pictures, I would guess around a half-million (500,000).

That does not include [pictures and/or videos at each source] Los Angeles (, Illinois (, or any of the other gatherings of people who could not get to DC.

A round up of "best signs" at

"Anyone have any official/nonpartisan estimates? I’ve seen numbers ranging from 50,000 on the low end (from David Shuster, natch) up to “a healthy six figures” from Reason’s Matt Welch on up to the two million figure cited by the boss earlier this morning, which ABC insists it never reported. As of a few hours ago, D.C. police were refusing to make any estimates but ABC got some unspecified city officials on the record claiming there 60,000 to 75,000 people there. Any other numbers floating around? E-mail me if so. I think using protest size as a gauge of popular sentiment is stupid — witness the huge turnouts against the war in early 2003 when public support was in the neighborhood of 65 percent — but it’s a fun talking point, so let’s have fun."

Video embedded below.

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