Monday, August 31, 2009

Someone Tell Cadillac What Smolder Means

I can not find a clip of the Cadillac CTS commercial featuring Kate Walsh(?) to embed/link to, but from memory (meaning possibly paraphrasing some) it goes;

"The relationship you have with your car isn’t so different from your other relationships

Some burn hot and fast but don’t last very long

Some burn for a while but don’t throw much heat

And some, smolder beautifully for a long, long time.

Update (9/1/2009): Video embedded below thanks to Mike from the comments.

End of Update:

That has been playing constantly, and one thing really sticks out to me. The meaning of 'smolder', at least in regard to heat. Something that is smoldering puts out low level heat for a while. Think smoldering embers from a fire.

In the commercial Walsh first opines how burning 'hot and fast but not lasting long' is bad. She then says that 'burning for a long time without generating a lot of heat' is bad. Walsh then contradicts herself by saying that 'smoldering' is good. Smoldering is the same thing as burning for a long time without generating much heat.

I understand the point they were trying to get across. Think of it as the Goldilocks pitch; some cars are one extreme (bad), other cars are the other extreme (also bad), our care is just right (good). The problem is that the words they use indicate that their car is at one of those extremes they just condemned.

Back to Goldilocks; Walsh basically said some cars are to hot (bad), some are to cold (also bad), but our car cold (good). That is what I hear every time that commercial pops up and it is quickly going from comically sad to annoying.

So as I titled the post, Someone Tell Cadillac What Smolder Means.


  1. The Kate Walsh ads

    1) Turn You On

    2) Favorite Things

    3) Relationships


  2. @Mike - thanks for the link. Added the video.

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