Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama Administration Uses Taxpayer Money to Spam Americans Health Care Overhaul Message

The Obama administration has admitted to using taxpayer money to spam the American people their Health Care overhaul message.

This story started when Fox News was told that people who in no way had ever signed up to receive White House emails got them. Gibbs tried to treat the issue as a non story, and the guess was made that Liberal groups were signing other people up. Others feared that this was from the White House's efforts to collect data/information.

While not commenting on data collection efforts (they have denied allegations in the past, though there are indications that is not true), they admitted to hiring a private company at taxpayer expense to send unsolicited (read Spam) emails.

"The White House revealed to FOX News that it hired a private communications firm to distribute mass e-mails, including unsolicited spam to help sell President Obama's health care plan.


The company, Govdelivery, describes itself as the world's leading provider of government-to-citizen communication solutions and says its e-mail service provides a fully-automated on-demand public communication system.

It is still unknown how much taxpayer money the White House provides to Govdelivery for its services."

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