Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chris Matthews - "What do You Make of This Whole Thing About The Good Economic News Out There The President Gets no Credit For?"

Another gem from Chris Matthews (MSNBC) asking "What do you make of this whole thing about the good economic news out there the president gets no credit for?". I think he should read the White House's own economic projections (Berman Post: Obama Administration Released Updated Economic Projections).

Video embedded below.

Jonathan Martin from Politico tried to offer some common sense to Matthews to no avail.

"Jonathan Martin of Politico had to explain to Matthews the flaws of his logic - at least as it pertains to politics and that hanging one's hat too high on averting what could have been isn't a winner.

"Chris, to Anne's point, nobody in the history of politics, you know, as ever won a campaign based on a slogan of it could haven a lot worse," Martin said. "That's a tough argument to make. The fact is, look, I think the president reappointing Bernanke today to me says that he sees light at the end of this tunnel. If he was still concerned - if President Obama was still concerned about the state of this economy, he would not have ratified one of the sort of chief faces of the current administration, of the current sort of economic status quo."

Matthews blamed the Democratic Party for not capitalizing on what he perceives as a grand achievement and reiterated his contention Obama just isn't getting enough credit.

"The failure of the Democratic Party to unite in voice is so powerful," Matthews continued. "They argue over whether he's doing enough or not enough on this or that. There's no sort of chorus out there for this guy, in terms of the horrible challenge he faced coming in January 20, what he's done with it. He gets no credit for the stimulus package, passing it. Despite the fact that the evidence is it's working to offset, again, a Great Depression."

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