Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Firearm Incident...

"Firearm Incident..."; a few news sites have refereed to those with ominous overtones. Oh my, there were a few 'Firearm Incidents' at some of the anti-government take over of health care protests. Those crazy right-wingers are packing heat. Of course, 'Firearm Incident' tells you just how responsible those crazy conservatives are.

No one got shot, nor was there a shooting. There are no reports of anyone getting pistol whipped or even threatened with violence, let alone violence using the gun. The guns were not stolen or there illegally. It was not flashed at anyone or used like a rock and hurled at someone. I do not know why someone would throw a gun at someone, but the point is that nothing happened.

'Firearm Incident' by all appearances is code for law abiding believers in the second amendment responsibly exercised their right right to bear arms. 'Firearm Incident' does sound a lot more scary though, which is what I think is the goal of those reporters.

Similar thoughts regarding one such attempt at (via

"Another TPM prejudice is the urban liberal bias against guns. Twice now the site has attempted to sound the alarm about someone carrying a gun at a political event, only to discover that outside Manhattan, citizens' exercising their Second Amendment rights are nothing unusual."

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