Saturday, August 22, 2009

99 Bricks

99 Bricks is a game made by Weird Beard ( At first glance, it seems tetris in nature, but the game play is much different. As the name suggests, you get 99 tetris style pieces Each time you play. The brick fall slowly one by one. You have a solid 8 piece wide base to build on with a bottomless pit extending infinitely on either side. The goal of the game is to build a tower as high as you can using your 99 pieces.

The left key moves the current piece a half space to the left if you consider a space the length of an individual square. The right key moves the current piece a half space to the right. Up changes the orientation of the piece, just like standard tetris. Down moves you down slightly faster, but their is no instant drop in the game. Holding the "z" key zooms out so you can see your entire tower, and pressing "c" destroys the current piece. You do not get a replacement. Pressing "c" is the equivalent of moving way off the the side so it never touches your tower nor hits the base.

Sounds easy, but reaching skyward is not as simple as it sounds. Once your piece touches anything you lose control of it and you get a knew one. Gravity is in effect, so if you do not have a stable base your tower can wobble and topple. Holes or gaps in your tower to not deduct from your score as the only thing that matters is the maximum height you were able to achieve. To many of the wrong types of holes make for a weak tower that will collapse before reaching that far up. So you have to get the right balance. To solid a base and you will not have enough pieces to reach up high. To weak a base and your tower will collapse before reaching that high.

My high score thus far is 745.

To play head over to


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