Friday, November 7, 2008

Fox News Self Censors

The Fairness Doctrine seems no longer to be the only concern with the media. There is a report that Fox News is not censoring itself. If Fox News is backing off Obama, their are not many entities we can look to for honest reporting. I am not suggesting that Fox News should partake in hit pieces against Obama, but backing off is just as bad. That leaves talk radio and the conservative blogesphere as the main sources for news that may paint Obama in a justifiably unfavorable light for the time being. I am sure most of us can agree that we hope their will not be such news, but it is distressing that the places one could go to find it are shrinking.

"Fox News boss Roger Ailes doesn't want to spoil Barack Obama's political honeymoon, we hear. A source says Ailes has told prime-time hosts Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren to lay off the President-elect - at least for a while. "We're not going to have any personal attacks on Obama," a network insider says. "The public has spoken - we must treat him with respect.""

The has more.

"This confirms an almost-identical account your Radio Equalizer was given Wednesday evening from a key source. That person contends the order came from the top: Rupert Murdoch himself.

"Personal attacks", by the way, can be construed to mean any criticism of Barack Obama whatsoever.

The reason? News Corporation is bracing for potentially-vindictive actions by Obama's incoming thugocracy, especially regarding dual station / newspaper ownership rules and apparently seeks to placate the Dear Leader, hoping he will be merciful.

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