Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Camera Grenade

Poking your head around a corner is a hazardous activity, but it is better then walking out into the middle of the street not knowing what can see you. Their has to be a better way, and now their is. Introducing the Camera Grenade, or the I-Ball. It is a ball with two fish-eye lenses that you can through or launch and get real time 360 degree video without putting you or any of you equipment (minus the ball of course) in danger. Think of the possibilities.


"Dubbed the I-Ball the wireless device is robust enough to survive being thrown onto a battlefield.

The I-Ball's internal camera gives a 360 degree view, with images being sent from the instant it is launched.

It is thought the new technology would enable soldiers to see into potential danger spots without putting themselves at risk of ambush.

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