Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Directed Energy Weapon "Zeus" Now Being Deployed

The "Zeus" is being deployed to the battle fields of Iraq. Why is this especially news worthy, because the "Zeus" is a Directed Energy Weapon. Feel free to just read, "ray gun" or "phaser". The weapon in used to detonate IEDs at the safe distance of 300 meters. their is only one currently in the field, but it is good start. Laser weapons are not coming, they are already here.

"The first serious battlefield ray gun is now being deployed. And the next generation, now in the laboratory, is coming soon.

The deployed ray gun (or “directed-energy weapon”, in the tedious jargon that military men seem compelled to use to describe technology) is known as Zeus. It is not designed to kill. Rather, its purpose is to allow you to remain at a safe distance when you detonate unexploded ordnance, such as the homemade roadside bombs that plague foreign troops in Iraq.

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